Hands-on Tutorials

Analysing non-linear relationships with partial dependence plots (PDPs), mutual information and feature importance

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With great power comes great responsibility

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Why we need Responsible AI


Creating your first sentiment analysis model with Python

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The 6 benefits of writing data science articles

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Learn and improve technical skills

Using machine learning to predict if you are good at coding

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Fairness and Bias

An introduction to the field that aims at understanding and preventing bias in machine learning models

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Analysing interactions using feature importance, Friedman’s H-statistic and ICE Plots

How to create time-series choropleths of US election results

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Why we need to understand how our models make predictions

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Overfitting with polynomial regression and how to avoid it

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Conor O'Sullivan

Risk Data Scientist — Building credit risk and fraud models for the man. Exploring AI topics for myself.

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